EWP ergonomics muscular skeletal injury prevention Sigma ErgonomicsSigma Ergonomics is an innovative industrial ergonomics company. Our aim is to supply quality, high tech solutions to solve a variety of muscular skeletal and ergonomic issues in the workplace. Our products range from:

  • Bespoke lift assist systems to safely and efficiently lift and move heavy or awkward items
  • Ergonomic tool arms and interfaces to make the use of heavy tools safer and more efficient
  • Exoskeletal arms to prevent repetitive strain injuries in situations where users work with their arms outstreched  for long periods of time
  • Full exoskeletal suits to revolutionise manual handling in the future

Sigma Ergonomics is a proud distributor of Ekso Bionics and Industrial Magnetics Inc. across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia

Our Suppliers

Ekso Bionics:

Design and manufacture wearable exoskeletons and free standing systems to augment human strength. These suits greatly improve endurance and mobility, making it easier and safer for you to do your job. Designed and built for dynamic, real-world environments the Ekso Works’ portfolio of solutions reduce the stress and strain of repetitive tasks and long-duration work activities. These exoskeletal and ergonomic systems are already being used in a wide variety of industries from aerospace to mining, construction to laboratories.

Lightweight and intuitive to use, Ekso Works’ products ease the physical burdens that hard work places on you. They offer protection and support against fatigue and injury, and increase the likelihood that you can leave your job with energy left for the rest of your life.

A major challenge facing companies today is the need to finish jobs on time and within budget, as the cost of safety continues to rise due to fatigue, strain and other job-related injuries. With Ekso Works’ innovative technology, you can complete repetitive and heavy hand tool tasks with less fatigue, better workmanship and fewer workplace injuries, then ever before.

Industrial Magnetics Inc.

Produce high quality industrial magnets for a variety of tasks from welding to magnetic lift assist for heavy steel plates. These products are designed, engineered and manufactured in the US to ensure the highest quality product is supllied. Contact us today!