Sigma Ergonomics offers Zero G ergonomic tool arm and X-Ar exoskeletal arm solutions for nearly every stage in Automotive Manufacturing.

In each application, Zero G and X-Ar will provide optimal fine motor control while greatly reducing fatigue. Use of Zero G results in a safer work environment and often elimination of injuries, increased productivity by boosting throughput, and improved quality.
pdficon_smallAutomotive Solutions and Examples

Solutions for Automotive OEM & Tier Suppliers Include

Paint & Surface Preparation

Hand Held Paint Guns – X•Ar

Component Assembly & Sub-Assembly

Component Fastening with
Right Angle and Pistol Grip Tools
Welding, painting, manual injection tools

Body Weld

Manual Spot Welding
Welding, MIG and TIG – X•Ar

Final Assembly & Interiors

Underbody Fastening
Component Fastening with
Right Angle and Pistol Grip Tools


Component Fastening
Nut Runners
Right Angle Torque Wrenches

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Case Studies

Automotive Manufacturer – Overhead Fastening Tools

ROI Payback of 393% in 3 months


Customer Benefits (ROI)

  • zeroG reduced the injury rate to zero
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved quality
  • Reduction in absenteesim and increase in employee satisfaction
  • Reduces tool repair costs

pdficon_smallDownload Full Riveting Case Study and Specifications

Heavy Equipment Manufacturer – Pistol Grip Fastening Tools

ROI 244% in payback of 4.9 months

Customer Benefits (ROI)

  • Injury Costs. Primary benefits include the reduction of operator fatigue and strain injuries. Direct and indirect medical costs can easily exceed US$40,000 for a single typical shoulder injury.
  • Productivity. The reduction in exertion from eliminating the weight of the tool provides much more than an ergonomic benefit. Many users report labor reductions of up to 50% through the use of zeroG®.
  • Increase in quality through greater precision
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Reduction of tool damage

pdficon_smallDownload Case Study Component Fastening with Right Angle and Pistol Grip Tools