The Zero G Ergonomic Tool Arm

the Ekso Bionics Zero G Tool system is a tried and tested tool handling arm that supersedes the very restrictive tool balancers available on the market. The arm is completely passive and is fully articulated which allows workers to use the tools as they normally would.The Zero G not only reduces the fatigue and stress placed on the muscular skeletal system, it also allows users to be more accurate and efficient in their roles. The system requires very little maintenance and is fully supported Australia wide by Sigma Ergonomics.

The standard system features:
  • Mounted to Sigma Ergonomics standard workshop trolley
  • Single link arm with single static link
  • 19kg  tool payload capacity
  • Up to 1m working reach

The Ekso Bionics Aerial System

The Ekso Bionics Aerial system is designed to increase safety and productivity while working from an elevated work platform. The system includes a special mounting bracket which allows the highly innovative Zero G Ergonomic Tool Arm to be mounted to most scissor or boom lift models and scaffolds. This system is perfect for jobs where heavy tools need to be used from at heights. The system takes the weight of the tool off the user, thus allowing workers to focus on accuracy and safety while also reducing fatigue. This system is already being used in construction and demolition companies in the US.

Work smarter, not harder with Sigma Ergonomics

The standard system features:
  •  Universal EWP and scaffold mounting
  • Quick Mount system to make the fitment of a Zero G Ergonomic Tool Arm quick and easy
  • Safety lock system to secure the mount to the elevated work platform
  • Quick set up and tear down time
  • Robust design to withstand harsh environments and heavy use
  • Heavy duty transport case
  • Zero G double arm unit

If the standard system does not fit your exact needs, contact a Sigma Ergonomics representative and discuss a custom design for your particular application


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