Sigma Ergonomics has just signed an agreement with Ekso Bionics to become a distributor in South East Asia and the Asia Pacific region. The aim of Sigma Ergonomics is to bring the innovative tool handling and exoskeletal creations of Ekso Bionics to the rest of the Asia Pacific and South East Asian regions.
Ekso Bionics started in 2005 under the name Berkley Exoworks and debuted the first version of the ExoHiker. The ExoHiker was a revolutionary exoskeletal suit that enabled the user to carry 68kg without experiencing any of the weight through their muscular skeletal systems. The exoskeletal apparatus supported the entire weight and allowed the wearer to move around as normal.

In 2007 the company changed its name to Berkley Bionics and developed the hydraulically powered Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC). The HULC was designed for military purposes to augment the ability of soldiers in the field and help reduce the stress placed on modern day troops by the excessive loads they are required to carry in the line of duty.

For a more indepth look at HULC please click teh following link: Human Universal Load Carrier
In 2011 the company changed its name to Ekso Bionics and continued developing its E-legs exoskeletal suit for medical use. The suit is being used in physical therapy sessions to help people with spinal cord injuries or nerve damage to walk again. The suit is being used and tested a leading health centres around the world. The following video shows Tamara Mena’s story and her interaction with Ekso Bionics.

Last year Ekso Bionics took over the Equipois Zero G system to add to their passive industrial exoskeleton capabilities. The Zero G tool balancing arm is a system that Sigma Ergonomics has been representing for the past 2 years in Australia. The system allows workers to use heavy power tools in awkward potions without injury and with minimal exertion. The current prototype for a passive exo-suit combined with the Zero G arm is shown below.

The coming years will see Ekso Bionics roll out a range of passive and active ergonomic suits for the industrial sector in addition to their continued work in medical and military applications. For now Sigma Ergonomics is excited to bring the Zero G ergonomic tool handling systems to more customers in more countries. In the next few years our hopes are to have agents set up in a countries across South East Asia and Asia Pacific to bring a new level of efficiency and safety to workers throughout these regions.

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